Wrona History Menu

[Software | Release]

The 2nd most essential Chrome extension after AdBlock Plus.

  • View and restore your recently closed tabs, windows and history
  • Open tabs from other devices
  • Quick search and keyboard navigation
  • Blazing fast
  • Availale for Chrome and Opera


[Library | Release]

Asynchronous library of algorithms for Node.js. Clone of Ramda, but with support for asynchronous callbacks, data streams, function generators and ES6 containers - Map and Set.

MARK1 Prototype

[Software | Alpha]

Multithreaded twin stick shooter.

  • Over 10'000 explosions at once @60FPS on quad-core CPU
  • Written in C++11 and Direct2D
  • Scallable to N threads
  • Retro graphics
  • Xbox 360 controller support

MARK1 Data Viewer

[Software | Alpha]

Re-write and expansion of the MARK1 engine in JavaScript.

  • HTML5 Canvas + ES5
  • Works best on Webkit-based browsers