Hi I'm LAYV. I tame complexity, design sounds and try to make games.


E-mail (Software/Personal): lukasz.andrzej.wrona@gmail.com
E-mail (Audio/Video): lajwtv@gmail.com


What does "LAYV" stand for?

It's a series of puns.

лайв (layv) in Russian means "live" - a loan word - as in "live transmission" or "live concert". Polish language also borrows "live" but if it were to be written using polish letters, it'd be "lajw" (which are my initials). Poles don't voice ends of words, thus "lajw" turns into "lajf" or "life" (if it were English).

I like the irony of it - I can't play any instruments, so my music is never "live". And it has engless potential for edgy references. "How do you kill one which has no life?"; "Goal of All Life is Death"...
And finally "la" => "λ" => "y" => "v" hence the logo. It's just cool.